The Walden Ponds in Boulder, CO are a great example of the power of reclaiming former industrial areas into a nature habitat, as these ponds used to be gravel pits and now form a flourishing wetland habitat. Named for Walden Toevs - the Boulder County Commissioner who spearheaded the project to convert the old pits into a wildlife habitat - this area now has hiking trails winding their way through several ponds and grasslands where wildlife-viewing and bird-watching opportunities abound.

When Open? Area Acres Operated By
Year-round: sunrise to sunset 484 acres Boulder County Parks and Open Space
Dogs Allowed? Miles of Trail Max/Min Elev (ft)
Dogs allowed on leash 4 5,110ft - 5,190ft

Walden Ponds Hiking Area Trail and Map Finder

Area Hiking Trails:
1 - Heatherwood-Walden Link Trail
2 - Sawhill Ponds Trail
3 - Walden Ponds Trail
4 - Walden Ponds Trails 1
5 - Walden Ponds Trails 2
6 - Walden Ponds Trails 3
Area Trailheads:
1 - Cottonwood Marsh Pond Trailhead
2 - Heatherwood Trailhead
3 - Sawhill Ponds Trail
4 - Walden Ponds Trail
Area Campgrounds: