Four miles north of Mancos, CO is the small Mancos State Park nestled against the boundary of the San Juan National Forest in southwest Colorado. Centered on Jackson Gulch Reservoir where visitors enjoy kayaking, canoeing and wakeless power boating, there are also trailheads that provide hiking and mountain biking access to trails in the park and a wider trail system in the San Juan National Forest. This is a fee area.

When Open? Area Acres Operated By
Year-round; 24 hours a day 525 acres Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Dogs Allowed? Miles of Trail Max/Min Elev (ft)
Dogs allowed on leash 11 7,780ft - 8,100ft

Mancos State Park Trail and Map Finder

Area Hiking Trails:
1 - Chicken Creek Trail #615 - MOTORIZED
2 - Jackson Gulch Reservoir Trail
Area Trailheads:
1 - Jackson Gulch Reservoir Trailhead
2 - West Mancos Trailhead
Area Campgrounds:
1 - Mancos State Park Campground