A small hiking area on Bureau of Land Management Land just south of Grand Junction, CO called the Gunnison Bluffs Trail System offers hikers and mountain bikers a number of non-motorized loop trail options as the trails traverse the bluffs above the Gunnison River.

When Open? Area Acres Operated By
Year-round; 24 hours a day 8,148 acres Bureau of Land Management:
Grand Junction Field Office
Dogs Allowed? Miles of Trail Max/Min Elev (ft)
Dogs allowed - must be on leash in developed areas 14 4,580ft - 5,140ft

Gunnison Bluffs Area Hiking Trail and Map Finder

Area Hiking Trails:
1 - Bluffs Connector Trail
2 - Gunnison Bluffs Area Trails 1
3 - Gunnison Bluffs Trail
4 - Gunnison RIver Bluffs Rim Trail
5 - Gunnison River Bluffs Rim Trail 2
Area Trailheads:
1 - Gunnison Bluffs Trail
2 - Gunnison Bluffs Trail
Area Campgrounds: