The Bull Canyon Wilderness Study Area is located in Moffat County, approximately four miles north of Dinosaur, CO. The WSA extends an additional 520 acres into Utah. The WSA can be easily viewed from the Plug Hat Butte Picnic Area, located on Harpers Corner Road (four miles north of Dinosaur National Monument headquarters). Directions are not provided for this WSA. The Bull Canyon WSA is characteristic of the arid canyon ecosystems of the Colorado Plateau. Colorful cliffs, a maze of canyons, and unique rock formations have been cut into sandstone by rain and snowmelt. Bull Canyon, Buckwater Draw, Middle Creek, and K Creek are deep canyons cut into colorful sandstone. Vegetation consists mainly of sagebrush, pinyon-juniper, grasslands, and Douglas fir, with cottonwoods, boxelder, and willows in the canyon bottoms. Fauna includes elk, deer, coyote, hawks, eagles, and owls. Activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, canyoneering, rock climbing, horseback riding, hunting, and photography.

When Open? Area Acres Operated By
Year-round; 24 hours a day 15,096 acres Bureau of Land Management:
White River Field Office
Dogs Allowed? Miles of Trail Max/Min Elev (ft)
Dogs allowed - must be on leash in developed areas 2 5,590ft - 7,890ft

Bull Canyon WSA Trail and Map Finder

Area Hiking Trails:
1 - Bull Canyon Rim Trail
2 - Cold Desert Trail
3 - Plug Hat Trail
Area Trailheads:
1 - Bull Canyon Rim Trail
2 - Cold Desert Trail
3 - Cold Desert Trail
4 - Plug Hat Trail
Area Campgrounds: