The Beaver Creek BLM Wilderness Study Area is located in Fremont, Teller, and El Paso counties of Colorado, approximately 10 miles northeast of Cañon City, CO and 12 miles southwest of Colorado Springs, CO. The primary trailhead is located at the end of Fremont County Road 132.The Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area varies from rocky, rolling hills in the southern portion to steep, rugged peaks in the north. The focal points are the spectacular scenery of the east and west branches of Beaver Creek, which twist through several miles of deep, rugged, granite-walled canyons, with several falls and many boulder-strewn pools and rapids along their courses. Vegetation within the area is very diverse, including semi-arid species in the lower elevations, riparian zones along streams, and spruce, fir, and pine forests on the mountain slopes. Fauna includes cutthroat trout, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, mountain lion, mule deer, black bear, bobcat, elk, badger, and various species of raptors. From the higher points in the WSA excellent scenic views of snowcapped peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Range and Pikes Peak provide a feeling of vastness. Activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, and photography.

When Open? Area Acres Operated By
Year-round; 24 hours a day 28,069 acres Bureau of Land Management:
Royal Gorge Field Office
Dogs Allowed? Miles of Trail Max/Min Elev (ft)
Dogs allowed - must be on leash in developed areas 5 5,940ft - 9,930ft

Beaver Creek WSA Trail and Map Finder

Area Hiking Trails:
1 - Beaver Creek Trail
2 - Powerline Trail
3 - Trial Gulch Trail
Area Trailheads:
1 - Trial Gulch Trail
Area Campgrounds: